If you are interested in using BEAT, please contact us!

If you have already received you login credentials, follow these steps:

1. Download this file: medical_record.txt.xls

2. Fill in the fields of the table using a text editor or Excel, with information about your data, as in this example: medical_record.example.txt.xls
This is a description of the fields:
Experiment: index for your cel file
cel_file_name: name of the file you are uploading
- pathology: the pathology you are studying
- birth_date
- patient_no: if two samples come from the same patient, use the same number in this field
- tissue_type: N or P for normal or pathological
- gender: F or M for female or male
- age_of_onset: age of the pathology onset
- site: site of the pathology
- stage: grading of the pathology

3. Login to your workspace below and upload the table file and your CEL files

4. Have you finished uploading? Tell us! We will check your data, start the analysis procedure and send you an email when the work is done. Thank you!

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